Spectrum, founded 1941, is one of the oldest Dutch furniture companies, still existing.
The collection consists of a basis designed around 1960, nowadays proven to be design classics, and newer items, all designed by Dutch designers.
Martin Visser, Gerrit Rietveld and Constant Nieuwenhuijs form a basis of cultural heritage which deserves to be known worldwide. We are proud to be able to sell their furniture designs. Besides that they form a platform for our talented contemporary Dutch designers, as they were in their time for each other.

All designs are produced in Holland, by the best furniture suppliers and craftsmen.
The Spectrum collection is sold in the high end interior design market. By the best retail shops to the consumer and through interior architects to offices, educational, governmental and health care organisations, Dutch Ambassies worldwide etc.

The collection slowly expands and is nowadays sold in most western European countries and overseas. With a small, enthousiastic and committed team we aim to show the world how our furniture can make a difference for your living and working environment!