BR 12 sofa bed

Martin Visser   |  1960

In the 1960s Martin Visser designed several sofas for the Spectrum collection. The BR 12 sofa bed is based on Martin Visser’s BR 43 model, but has the same chassis as the well-known BR 02 sofa bed. However, the BR 12 has fixed armrests and therefore a different use.

Photo of the BR 43 sofa bed (1960), the predecessor of the BR 12

The BR 12 has the same siphoning mechanism as our BR 02 sofa, so this sofa too can be transformed into a sofa bed in no time at all. The two armrests are fixed elements to the bench; they remain in place when used as a sofa bed. The lying space between the armrests is 192 cm. The BR 12 sofa has a round tubular frame, matt chrome plated or black epoxy coated, and many possibilities in the upholstery. Due to the sleek shapes of the design we recommend a stretchable fabric such as wool, which does the sleek shape best justice. The sofa can also be covered with leather. The back and seat are then both given two vertical seams in the upholstery. Because leather is not elastic, there is space in the upholstery. Where an elastic fabric returns to its original shape, leather can cause creases.

BR 12 sofa bed in Hallingdal 944 fabric, styling by Kamer 465

Reupholstering BR 12 bank
The BR 12 sofa is an extremely durable piece of design and can be re-upholstered. The frame will be retained and all individual elements can be replaced. With a reupholstery, renewal of the interior, and possibly a new suspension, a BR 12 will last for years and both the appearance and the seating comfort will be like new again!

Product specifications


Martin Visser


1960 / 2012


212 x 82 x 70 cm (WxDxH) / Seat height 40 cm / Arm rests 2 x 10 cm


Black epoxy, Matt chrome


Various fabrics possible, Various types of leather possible