Chris Slutter


Chris Slutter (1972) graduated from the AKI Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Enschede in 1997. That same year he won the Dutch Furniture Prize for his design of a leaning lamp Lazy in the Young Designers category. He also received an honourable mention in the Industrial Product Quality category. Three years after graduating Chris Slutter moved to Amsterdam where he started his own design studio as a designer.

The Minium table, designed by Chris Slutter for Spectrum in 2012

In 2012 Chris designed the Minium table, the result of an intensive search process in which he explored the possibilities of the material and the appropriate traditional techniques. Power and refinement meet in this design. Chris first presented the Minium table (the name refers to the deep red minium colour of the steel profile) at Dutch Design Week, after which the table was added to the Spectrum collection.

Chris Slutter

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