Design icon by Gerrit Rietveld: the 
Press Room Chair
New designer on board; meet Aart van Asseldonk

The SZ 02, is typical for Martin Vissers “form follow function”
Discover the many possibilities of the Tangled cabinet
The BR 02 sofa bed, eye opener and evergreen

The art of furniture

Since its foundation in 1941 Spectrum connects the work of leading Dutch designers from the 20th century with that of contemporary talent. In the Fifties Martin Visser developed Spectrum’s first contemporary collection. Nowadays many of his designs, plus the work of colleagues he introduced, are still part of the Spectrum collection.

The Spectrum collection consists of strong characters with a story of their own. The pieces of furniture have a clear construction and idiom and are being found in both living rooms and special reception – and meeting rooms. Sustainability, the Dutch product and the original design are getting more and more praise and confirm what Spectrum has been known for all these 75 years: furniture with a future value.

Weaving rattan: characterized by craftsmanship & quality
Meet the Spectrum team!