Kiki van Eijk

Poetic, playful designs refined by skilled craftsmanship

Kiki van Eijk (1978) spent her youth daydreaming and drawing outdoors. She studied at Design Academy Eindhoven, where she met her future business and life partner Joost van Bleiswijk.

Kiki van Eijk designed the slender and playful armchair Puk SZ 19 as part of the Tribute to Visser project. Her design is based on Martin Visser’s rattan chair SZ 01. The industrial steel together with the handcrafted rattan, drew her immediate attention after which she made her own rounder and more poetic version.

Puk SZ 19 armchair in the Centraal Museum Utrecht

Kiki van Eijk

Kiki’s works are capricious and colourful, lyrical and personal, and at the same time refined thanks to her skilled craftsmanship. She focuses on various product groups, such as rugs, lamps, furniture, glasswork and sculptural accessories like the Floating Frame clocks.

Her works are on display around the world in museums, galleries and airports. She also works with brands like Hermès, MOOOI and Häagen-Dazs.

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