Soap Edition SE 69 by Sabine Marcelis 18-25 January in Gallery Eenwerk

This year it’s been 60 years since Spectrum introduced the first large Martin Visser collection. His designs formed the basis for our DNA and are still in collection.

To celebrate this, we asked seven Dutch designers to pay tribute to Visser’s work.

The kick off of this special project will take place this week with the interpretation of designer Sabine Marcelis. She transformed the comfortable chair SE 69 designed in 1960, into a true piece of art. This SE 69 SOAP EDITION is released in a Limited Edition of 25 pieces.

Sabine Marcelis’ career is developing in a dazzling speed. In 2019 she won the prestigious Design Prize as Newcommer of the year and the Elle Deco International Design Award for Young designer of the year. She works together with fashion houses Fendi and Givenchy. At this moment she has a solo exhibition in the Barcelona pavilion of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Recently she was appointed as Ambassador of the upcoming edition of the Dutch Design week in Eindhoven and started 2020 with winning the Wallpaper* Designer of the year 2020 award. They honoured her for widening the spectrum of what light, glass and resin can do!

We are very proud to open her exhibition in Amsterdam on 18 January at 16 h. You are very welcome to attend this opening. We would appreciate hearing from you then.


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The exhibition will be shown from 18-25 January in

Galerie Eenwerk
Koninginneweg 174
1075 EH Amsterdam

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The SE 69 Soap Edition is the first of 7 designs, which are part of the exhibition “The eye-opening sofa bed – Seven designers respond to Martin Visser’s classics”. This exhibition is shown from 14 March 2020 on, in the Centraal Museum Utrecht. The other designers, making a tribute to Martin Visser are Marcel Wanders, Jan des Bouvrie, Carolina Wilcke & Reinier Bosch, Piet Hein Eek, Kiki van Eijk en Richard Hutten.

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