Re-upholstery Martin Visser sofa bed

The sofa bed by Martin Visser is a timeless design classic that has been in production for 60 years. Have you been the happy owner of this beautiful piece for years, but is your sofa ready for a new look? With new upholstery, your sofa will be completely up to date again.

When renewing your Martin Visser sofa you can choose to only replace the upholstery. You have a wide choice of fabrics and colours. Would you like the comfort of the sofa to be as good as new? Then we would advise you to renew the interior and suspension as well.

If your sofa has been in use for more than 10 years, we recommend that you replace the interior. Renewing the foam not only improves the comfort of the sofa, but also extends the lifespan of the new upholstery by giving it proper support. If the sofa has been in use for more than 10 years, we recommend you also replace the suspension. In this case too, a renewed suspension extends the lifespan of the new interior (and upholstery) by providing better support.

Martin Visser’s various sofas
Martin Visser’s most famous sofa is the BR 02 sofa bed, which has been in our collection continuously for 60 years. In addition to this design, Visser also made other similar sofas for Spectrum. For example, sofas with a square tubular frame, sofas with armrests or sofas without a sleeping function. Here we explain how you can recognise an original Martin Visser sofa. Almost all original Visser sofas can be re-upholstered and restored.

We make a distinction in sofas that were produced before or after 1988. In that year the production technique of the sofa was completely renewed. Sofas that were produced before 1988 require more customisation, which means we charge more for this. The BR 02 sofa bed with its round frame may have been produced before or after 1988. Other versions of original Martin Visser sofas have always been produced before 1988.


You have a wide choice of fabrics for the new upholstery of your Martin Visser sofa. To help you decide, we are happy to share the fabrics that are best suited for re-upholstery. The fabrics listed below are characterised by excellent quality and sustainability and are entirely or largely made of wool. Wool has the property of being stretchy, which does justice to the sleek shape of the sofa, even in the long run. In addition, wool is dirt-repellent and sustainable.

Tonica 2
Tonica 2, is a wool blended fabric characterised by a rich colour palette. The fabric, designed by Georgina Wright, is available in 39 colour schemes. Click here to see the Tonica 2 colours.

Ploegwool is a fabric made of 100% wool and has a soft appearance. The fabric is a melange of different colour nuances but looks uni-coloured from a distance. The melange yarn ensures that the fabric adapts to the colours in the room. Ploegwool is available in 64 colours. Click here to see the colours.

Tonus 4
Tonus 4 – now a classic among furniture fabrics – was designed by textile designer Nina Koppel (1942 – 1989). With its elastic properties, it’s extremely suitable for upholstering modern furniture with sleek shapes. Click here to see all 47 vibrant colours.

Hallingdal 65
Kvadrat’s first upholstery fabric Hallingdal was released in 1965, designed by Nanna Ditzel. Hallingdal is an established value in the Kvadrat collection. A yarn mix of wool and viscose provides excellent sustainability, flexibility and colour intensity. Click here to view the 58 colours. of the Hallingdal 65.


You can request a re-upholstery for your Martin Visser sofa (bed) by using the form below. You can also request a fabric sample of the above fabrics. This request is without obligation, when you fill in the form we will contact you and discuss the possibilities. Please indicate, if possible, which model you have and what year it was produced. If you have already made your choice, we would also like to know what fabric and colour number you want your sofa re-upholstered in.


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