De Kazerne hotel & restaurant

De Kazerne – Home of Design is the creative hotspot of Eindhoven. With exhibitions, lectures, a restaurant and the newly opened design hotel, this place offers everything in terms of luxury and design. The 8-room hotel is located in the old Marechaussee barracks from 1825, which gave this place its name. In the luxury lofts and penthouses, the guest is completely surrounded by world-class design designs. Various Spectrum designs were chosen by Kazerne to furnish the rooms. In addition, you can dine exclusively and intimately at fine dining restaurant Benz at Kazerne. Here, while sitting at our Martin Visser dining table, you will experience a special gastronomic experience!

Interior architects: Annemoon Geurts & Koen Rijnbeek | Van Helmond Architects
Photography: Kazerne Eindhoven

Products used in this project:

Steltman chair
Gerrit Rietveld
Babel cabinet
Studio Parade
TE 06 table
Martin Visser