IJhorst stool

Constant Nieuwenhuys   |  1953

The IJhorst stool was designed in 1953 by COBRA artist Constant Nieuwenhuys for the Spectrum collection. This stool has the same base as the side table also designed in ’53, with a different size top/seat, making the model even more rounded. However, with a 35 cm diameter and 43 cm height, this stool can also be used as a side table. For its recent reintroduction, this stool has been added to the Spectrum collection in three colour variants, under the creative direction of Studio RENS.

The IJhorst designs are characteristic of a turning point in Constant’s oeuvre, marking the transition from his Cobra years to the beginning of his New Babylon project. The unusual geometric base with a construction of thin wire steel elegantly reveals compressive and tensile forces. The frame is of epoxy-coated steel, the top is made of stained plywood finished with a transparent matt lacquer.

IJhorst kruk spectrum

There are three colour options: a black base with a bright yellow top, an aubergine base with a cobalt blue top and a red base with a taupe top.

The IJhorst side table (link) in three different sizes was added to the collection back in 2015. The extension of this stool completes the series.

Product specifications


Constant Nieuwenhuys




⌀35 cm



Table top

zinc yellow lacquered / cobalt blue stained / quartz grey stained