Benno mirror

Benno Premsela   |  1956

In 1956 Benno Premsela came up with the ingenious and simple design of the Benno Mirror. After almost 70 years, the mirror has become a real design icon.

The story goes that Spectrum asked Premsela to design a beautiful interior accessory. Premsela looked through the supplies and semi-manufactures that Spectrum already had and took out a wooden ring intended for a table. He made a slot in it and informed Spectrum his design was ready. The Benno mirror was a fact.

The Benno mirror on a collective photo from 1956

The Benno mirror consists of a beech plywood circle with a 50 cm diameter. The square mirror is inserted into the frame through a slot on the topside.

Product specifications


Benno Premsela




Wooden circle Ø 50 / Mirror 33,5 x 33,5 cm


Beech plywood