Paperback wallsystem

Studio Parade   |  2009

A bestseller in our collection for 10 years: the Paperback by Studio Parade! A pure and playful wall system designed out of love for books. The fuller the cupboard, the more beautiful it becomes. The Paperback takes up minimal space in the interior and at the same time has a striking appearance. The thin shelves create a special interplay of lines. By adding books and small objects, the cabinet gets its own look and palette of colours. The Paperback has many possibilities in terms of application and dimensions. As a single copy, together with others or even filling an entire wall, the Paperback delivers an ode to the book in every room.

The Paperback wall system in the apartment of designer Paulien Berendsen. Photo Kaatje Verschoren.

The Paperback modular wall system is available in two colours: white (RAL 9010) and anthracite (RAL 7024). The widths are 30 cm, 60 cm and 120 cm. The Paperback is always 60 cm high. The rear wall is fixed to the wall using four screws, after which the 13 shelves are slid in. Three shelves have a ‘tab’ that is suitable for larger books or magazines. The Volkern shelves (thickness 4 mm) are impact-, wear- and scratch-resistant and are made from durable and sturdy material with a high load-bearing capacity.

Product specifications


Studio Parade




30 x 60 cm / 60 x 60 cm / 120 x 60 cm, Shelves 12 cm Depth and shelves with tab 20 cm depth


Backboard MDF / Shelves trespa


White (RAL 9010) and anthracite (RAL 7024)