Tangled cabinet

Carolina Wilcke   |  2015

The Tangled cabinet was designed by Carolina Wilcke in 2015. Carolina drew inspiration for this sideboard from the steel window frames that were often used in industrial buildings in the past. By experimenting with steel profiles and constructions, two interlocking volumes were created that together form a new shape. Carolina was trained not only as a designer, but also as a goldsmith, and that shows in the refined details and graphic lines of her designs. The Tangled series she designed for Spectrum consists of this cabinet, a coffee table, Square coffee table, a show case and a side table.

Tangled cabinet, Tangled side table and Press Room Chair

The slim frame of the Tangled sideboard has a epoxy steel profile in matt black (RAL 9005) or taupe (RAL 7006). In the frame there are four levels of glass tops, you can choose between clear glass and smoked glass. With its slender shape and industrial look, the Tangled cabinet is a real eye-catcher in the room, without being too predominantly present.

Ral 9005

Ral 7006





The sideboard also comes with a Tangled tray that fits perfectly on top of the cabinet in terms of design and dimensions. The tray has a matt black epoxy frame. The tray also has a black epoxy frame and can be provided with a dark stained oak veneer.

Product specifications


Carolina Wilcke




168 x 51 x 92 cm (WxDxH)


Black epoxy (RAL 9005), Powdercoated taupe (RAL 7006)


Clear glass or smoked glass


Black screws (default), Brass screws