Spectrum Accessories Collection

We are proud to introduce Spectrum’s very first official accessories collection, in collaboration with Studio RENS. With this collection of accessories by world-renowned designers, classic designs from the past are given a new, colourful look.

Design of the times

With this collection, we pay tribute to the object. To functionality and ingenuity, to a sense of form and attention to detail. In short, to designs that stand the test of time. With classics by leading pioneers of the past and innovative designs by forward-thinkers of today.

The collection consists of four different products. The first item is the IJhorst stool, designed by Constant Nieuwenhuys in 1953 and is available in three different colour combinations: black with yellow, cobalt blue with black red and grey with red. Also from Constant Nieuwenhuys, are the Utrecht – DW 01 wall shelves (1956), which are available in four different colours: orange, black-red, cobalt blue and black. The coat rack, or DZ 05, was designed by Friso Kramer and available in black and yellow. The last item in the collection is the Benno mirror, designed by Benno Premsela in 1956. This accessory comes in two sizes (Ø50 and Ø100) in four different colours: natural, black, green and cobalt blue.

Friso Kramer kapstok
Benno spiegel Spectrum

More info

Want to know more? Here you will find all information about the products and the designers. You can read the corresponding press release here.